Motivate enterprises to directly join foreign distribution networks

On November 14, 2022, the Prime Minister issues Decision No. 1415/QD-TTg on approving the Scheme “Motivate enterprises to directly join in the foreign distribution network to 2030”.

Accordingly, the Scheme has direction on the export and import market, ensures stable development in the long term; methodical production organization; attracts domestic and foreign investment sources which bring high value to Vietnam’s exported goods.

The specific targets are:

- Vietnam’s goods are included in the distribution channels of all the countries under the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Vietnam;

- Support market information for 20,000 business turns;

- Support 5,000 business turns to get the capacity to attend in cross-border e-commerce;

- Organize 10,000 turns of connection and exchange with the foreign distribution network;

- Support over 10,000 directly imported products to the foreign distribution network;

Enterprises to directly join foreign distribution networks
Motivate enterprises to directly join foreign distribution networks (Illustration)

In order to implement above objectives, the Scheme sets up a number of tasks and solutions as follows: Support enterprises on market information; support enterprises in adapting, and transferring the production to satisfy the stable consumption trend; support making and developing brands...

At the same time, encourage enterprises to transfer energy, and save energy in the production process; supports enterprises to register the trademark in the international market, and corporate with the corporation which helps to broadcast, and enhance the position and image of Vietnam...

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