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By accessing or using translated information and sources of legal documents in English services provided at the first time, you have fully agreed with following terms of use as well as the unannounced changes. Thus, it is necessary to keep track of updated information on the website for the newest changes of terms & conditions and by continuing to use the service, you acknowledge your acceptance of such changes.

Please have following terms & conditions read well before deciding to use the service of legal documents in English provided by LuatVietnam.


English translation documents database provided on the website of LuatVietnam includes official and reference versions, among which the official version is provided by Vietnam Law and Legal Forum (belonging to Vietnam News Agency) which is assigned to make translation and official publication of Vietnam Official Gazette in English by the Prime Minister.

English translation documents provided by LuatVietnam are only for reference purpose. Moreover, the amendments and supplements of laws are indispensable in any stages of development, therefore under any circumstances if users want to apply laws into specific situations, they should seek consultation from authorized bodies or legal specialists regarding such regulations.

Despite all effort to minimum mistakes during the procedure of translating, uploading and showing, translating documents of English provided by LuatVietnam couldn’t avoid errors or shortcomings in terms of word choice, typing, layout, legal effect of documents. As a result, LuatVietnam doesn’t ensure that all translating documents shown on the website and provided by the service are as absolutely accurate as original official ones issued by authorized bodies, or that they don’t include mistakes of typing, layout or others.

By using this service of LuatVietnam at the first time, you acknowledge your acceptance of these shortcomings, as well as the implication that LuatVietnam aren’t supposed to be legally responsible for damages to users (if any) caused by applying information provided by LuatVietnam. LuatVietnam is trying its best to collect as many English translations of Vietnamese Laws issued since 1985 as possible. However, the process of collecting and translating documents couldn’t avoid objective difficulties because of unique characteristics of documents, too long issued documents, too long input data or other objective reasons. Thus, LuatVietnam doesn’t ensure that the service provided contains all the translated documents (without lacking any documents) issued by Vietnam State.

By using the service of LuatVietnam, you acknowledge your acceptance of legal documents in English database of LuatVietnam which only contains translated documents collected and placed on the website.

The re-using of information, English translating documents from LuatVietnam to circulate on means of media or other websites must be allowed in writing from INCOM Company and must write source of LuatVietnam - www.luatvietnam.vn”.


Legal documents in English service of LuatVietnam require users to register a username, password and personal information before assessing. This information must be honest and exact as it can relate to benefits of users. LuatVietnam doesn’t take charge of disadvantages suffered by users due to inaccurate information of register.

If there are any changes concerning registered information (especially Username, full name, email, etc.), they must be sent to Supplier via email [email protected]. All the changes are considered to reach Supplier only if users receive a replied email from Supplier.

Users must be responsible for keep security of their username and password. LuatVietnam carries no responsibilities if the passwords are discovered by users or shared by other users.

Each username is provided to one (or some) individual(s), specific unit (depending on specific possible number of users of each package registered by user). Thus, at any time of providing the service, LuatVietnam has the right to use soft wares to control an individual (or a specific number of persons) having the capacity of use at a time according to the registered package by users.