Read Privacy Policy to have a deep understanding of commitments

LuatVietnam commits to making all the customer's information confidential. All the customers should read the hereafter "Privacy Policy" to have a deep understanding of commitments that LuatVietnam makes to respect and protect the rights of users.

The decision to register personal information to use LuatVietnam’s website means that you acknowledge, comply and believe in this privacy policy, as well as attached modifications and changes. "Privacy Policy" is recommended to be previewed before accessing other contents on the website LuatVietnam.

1. Collection of personal information

Your personal information on the website of LuatVietnam shall help us to:

- Support customers when registering LuatVietnam’s services

- Supply the latest information which is updated on the website of LuatVietnam   

- Supply the services that customers register to use via email

- Answer all customer's questions

- Make surveys on users to upgrade the service quality

- Ensure information security and support online payment transactions from customers.

- Organize promotional activities for LuatVietnam’s products and services.

Customers are required to supply some personal information (Full name, Email, Phone number...) to register the website LuatVietnam. All information that you declare must be accurate and legal. LuatVietnam has no responsibility for the declared information from customers.

LuatVietnam can only collect information on clicks, including the number of pages that customers preview, the number of links that you access, and other information relevant to LuatVietnam. LuatVietnam also collects all the cookies and web browsers that customer uses when accessing the website LuatVietnam, including IP address, browsers, language, time, and addresses that browsers access that can help customers to sign in in the next time.

2. Using personal information

LuatVietnam collects and uses customers' personal information with a suitable purpose and in compliance with the content of this "Privacy Policy".

In case of necessity, LuatVietnam shall use this information to contact directly the customers under the forms such as Telephone, open letter, orders, thank letter, information on technical and security...You also receive periodical emails which supply information on legal documents weekly (in the form of a newsletter), new services, and other information on upcoming events...if you register to receive notification emails.

3. Time of information storage

Customer's information shall be stored in LuatVietnam’s database within the time limit of 06 months

4. Sharing personal information

LuatVietnam commits not to disclose customers' personal information except for all the cases of using personal information as mentioned before.

Information disclosure shall be implemented in the case of necessity as follow: (A) Under the requirement of authorized state agencies; (b) In the case that LuatVietnam needs to save justifiable interests before the law; (c) Emergency and necessary cases to save personal security of LuatVietnam’s customers.

5. Confidentiality

When customers register personal information with LuatVietnam, it means that you have agreed with the above provisions. LuatVietnam commits to keeping customers' personal information confidential in all possible ways. LuatVietnam shall use a variety of information security technology under international standards to save information not to be found or disclosed unintentionally.

However, no data on Internet transmission can be 100% confidential due to technical limitations. Therefore, LuatVietnam cannot give out the consistent commitment that all your personal information shall be kept confidential. LuatVietnam shall not be responsible in the event of illegal access to your personal information in the case that you voluntarily share your information with others...We advise you not to submit your personal information to LuatVietnam if you do not agree with these terms and conditions.

You are responsible for maintaining the privacy policy related to your account and password to access the service and do not share with anybody.   Please log out or escape all the running websites when you share computers or laptops with many people. LuatVietnam supplies the tool for password change and recommends that customers should change their password frequently. LuatVietnam shall have no responsibility in the case that customers cannot access the services for the cause of revealing passwords.

6. Access personal information

Customers can access and change the personal information in LuatVietnam in the website links which are supplied by LuatVietnam at any time/.

7. Regulations on “Spam”

LuatVietnam is concerned about spam and fake emails of LuatVietnam. Therefore, LuatVietnam only sends emails to customers only when you register or use LuatVietnam’s services.

LuatVietnam commits not to sell, rent or lease your emails to a third party. If you accidentally receive unsolicited emails from LuatVietnam’s system due to unintended reasons, please click on the link o refuse to receive this email, or notify the website editor directly.

8. Changes in policy

LuatVietnam can completely change the content of the Privacy Policy on this website without having notification in advance to be suitable with the website's activities, as well as demands and feedback from customers (if any). LuatVietnam shall change the status “Last updated” time when updating this content.

The content of “Privacy Policy” is only applicable in and We encourage all customers to read the Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of the third party’s websites before supplying personal information for them. LuatVietnam is not responsible under any form for the contents and legality of the third party's websites.

9. Contacts

LuatVietnam would like to show great thanks for all the contributions, contacts, and feedbacks on the "Privacy Policy".

If having any arising problems, please contact with the address:


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