• 1. What is on LuatVietNam
      Understanding in the right way and applying timely all the current Vietnam regulations are the demands of many individual,
      enterprises especially the ones with foreign factors in Vietnam as well as foreign enterprises who want to study and invest in
      With the desire to support individual and units for learning about Vietnamese Law in English, from January 2010, Vietnam will
      deploy and supply the section English translations for Vietnam legal documents which are issued from 1986 to this moment.
      The official translations are supplied by the Vietnam Law and Legal Forum Magazine (directly under Vietnam News Agency).
      Established in 1994, Vietnam Law and Legal Forum is high experienced for many years and responsible as the official unit
      which is appointed by the Prime Minister for translating and issuing Official Gazette (English) of Vietnam, its translations are
      often used as the comparison when having any differences among current unofficial translations. Vietnam Law and Legal
      Forum‟s translations are considered as the best insurance (or the most credit one) for studying Vietnam State‟s legal documents
      in English.
      Besides, LuatVietNam also supplies additionally other translations as references in order to fulfill the richness and diversification
      among them (official and unofficial translations) in Vietnam.
      By the certified quality of Vietnam Law and Legal Forum‟ s translations in many years, LuatVietNam hopes to give the best
      searching address for English translations in Vietnam.
  • 2. Copyrights and intellectural property rights
      All copyright and other intellectual property rights in LuatVietnam and other materials on it belong to LuatVietnam. The re-using
      of information, English translating documents from LuatVietnam to circulate on means of media or other websites must be
      allowed in writing from INCOM Company and must write source of LuatVietnam -
      www.luatvietnam.vn”. See Terms and
  • 3. Access to LuatVietNam online database
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      You can access LuatVietnam database at any time – 24 hours each day, 7 days each week from anywhere in the world whether
      you have a computer which are connected with internet. Remember you can only access the legal documents offline only when
      you have downloaded them to your computer.

      New register to be the member of the website luatvietnam.vn
      The registration to the website LuatVietnam is governed by Terms and Conditions of LuatVietnam. Please click on New register
      on the LOGIN box and then.

      You can choose any username that you feel convenient for you, the system will automatically check the username‟s availability
      or you can check manually by click in the symbol .
      You choose any password and fill your email address, code verification on the regulated boxes, and don‟t forget to accept
      and Conditions
      of using legal documents in English before press the button .
      An email will be sent to the email address that you register. You should login your email to active provided link so as to be the
      official member otherwise you are warned not to be able to access the page.

      >> Login Session

      If you enter wrong ID, a message will tell you: a message will tell you so “Username or password is invalid”
      If you forget your password, you can click in Forgot password, after typing your username in the box, your new password will be
      send back to your registered email address.

      LuatVietnam monitors and keeps records of online access to LuatVietnam Database.
      For security purpose, your Login Session will automatically expire if you don‟t active your LuatVietnam screen for 15 minutes. If
      your Login Session expires, please re-enter your username and password.
      To enable you to access LuatVietnam at any time (for 3 users at maximize) at anytime and from anywhere in the world, you
      should logout properly when you finish using LuatVietnam service because if you do not logout properly, your account will
      remain open and you and your friends/colleagues will not be able to login if there are 2 another person are using the service.
  • 4. Search options
      To facilitate the search process on legal documents in English, there are two ways to choose: Simple Search and Advanced

      >> For Simple Search:

      - Select All for all the available information and fields.
      - Select
      Content for the purpose on searching by document‟s content.
      - Select
      Number for the purpose on searching by official number.
      Feel free to fill with the information related to the options you have chosen above. Click on Search for report on search results.

      >> For Advanced Search
      To be able to view legal documents in English, all search fields have been selected in advance. Please browse all the search
      fields listed in the box in the drop-down direction, then click on for report of search results. Note that this searching
      form is not compulsory to fill in all the fields.

      * FIELD 1 (KEYWORD):
      To enable you to view the legal documents related to one problem, the keywords has been pre-selected.
      For example, if you want to find legal documents related to the same problem in Finance – Banking, please fill keywords (both in
      the sections: Simple Search and Advanced Search) related to this category such as: finance; banking, credit, interest, loan,
      banking institution and so on in the search field. And then fill and select other search fields as in the fields below for the further
      exact searches, feel free to skip any search fields if they are not available and click on for report of search results.

      In the case that the exact official number is know (Ex: Decision No. 69/2000/QD-TTg), Just fill this number in the search field
      “Official number”. Then click on for report of search results. Note that all other search fields and information can be
      skipped if not available

      To facilitate the process in viewing Vietnam legal documents in English, the date field and issuing date have been pre-selected.
      As finding the legal documents that you know exactly issuing date, please fill the same dated in the attributes “From dated” and
      “To date” due to the order DD/MM/YY, date December 01, 2017 for example, you can fill 01/12/2017 in both search options “From
      date” and “To date” as following:

      Otherwise, fill the period of time in the search box to view all the legal documents issued in that phase.

      Note: Click on Calendar Symbol to view the convenient calendar facility

      To make possible to view a selection on legal documents in the same type, the legislation type search has to be selected in
      advance. Feel free to scroll the Legislation type search list in the drop-down direction.

      For all the documents having information on issuing date, legislation type, issuing body, signer or all, please fill information in
      one or more search fields in Advanced Search. And then you can skip the remains and click on for report of search
      Note: The search fields: Issuing body and Singer can follow the same search steps as Legislation type

      Select from the wide range of issuing bodies available in the drop-down lists on the Advanced search page. They are listed in
      the alphabet order:

      The issuing bodies ranges from National Assembly, Government, The Prime Minister, all Ministries and Government Agencies
      and more. For searching the documents issued jointly by more than one issuing body, select any issuing bodies included in
      document. Then select button .
      The issuing body search will report all documents for which a translation is available in LuatVietnam database which has been
      issued by the selected issuing bodies.
      To narrow the document reported, please fill information in one or more search fields in Advanced Search like issuing date,
      legislation type, issuing body, signer or all. And then you can skip the remains and click on for report of search

      * FIELD 5 (CATEGORY):
      To make possible to view all the legal documents in one category, the category search has been pre-selected. Feel free to
      browse all the category options in the drop-down list. If you want to find legal documents in one category (Ex: Investment), you
      can choose the category „Investment‟ in the list and other fields such as Legislation type, Issuing body, Signer and Issuing date
      if available. Finally click on for report of search results.
      In other ways, you can browse the title ,

      >> Search by Category
      How to select search option
      Go to the left-hand column of LuatVietnam website (picture on right) and click on your preferred
      search option.

      Subject category search
      To make possible to view all the legal documents in one category, the category search has
      been pre-selected. Feel free to browse all the category options in the drop-down list. Select
      from the range of subject categories available in the drop-down list, there are 6 main

      A subject category search will report all the translations relating to the category available on LuatVietnam database which has
      been assigned to that subject category selection. To narrow the translation reported, please turn back
      Advanced Search.
      >> Viewing translations online
      Viewing title and content
      To view the translations of Vietnam legal documents, click on Link in your search report

      Select report order
      The order of documents in result report can be reordered so as to be most convenient for viewing.

      Default report style is descending date order, public date and 30 results per page, the document which has the most recent
      date will be the first. Then you can change inversely to sort
      ascending date order, the document which has the most recent
      date will be the last.
      To change report style, click on the row for your preferred option.
  • 5. Customer support

      If you have any information query of problem that is not answered or resolved by this User guide, feel free to email us cskh@luatvietnam.vn or call directly to 0938 36 1919. We will endeavor to answer your email immediately.


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