Resolution 107/NQ-CP on the Government’s regular meeting in August 2021

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Resolution No. 107/NQ-CP dated September 11, 2021 of the Government on the Government’s regular meeting in August 2021
Issuing body: GovernmentEffective date:

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Official number:107/NQ-CPSigner:Pham Minh Chinh
Type:ResolutionExpiry date:Updating
Issuing date:11/09/2021Effect status:

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Promulgation of inappropriate regulations that could obstruct goods circulation is banned

On September 11, 2021, the Government issues the Resolution No. 107/NQ-CP on the Government’s regular meeting in August 2021.

Accordingly, in order to prevent and repel the pandemic as quickly and effectively as possible, the Government requests the Ministry of Health to urgently review and promulgate professional guidelines with specific and clear objectives, requirements and progress in testing, isolation, and treatment; specific instructions for people who have had 2 doses of vaccine. Support localities to develop socio-economic recovery and development plans after the COVID-19 pandemic has been under control.

Besides, the Government requests provinces and cities to organize the implementation of stricter and more substantive social distancing measures, with the spirit of "staying where you are"; maintain “green zones”, “turn yellow zones into green zones and narrow red zones”; thoroughly and strictly isolate and block outbreak areas and sources of infection in the fastest manner and the smallest scope, deploy fastest testing, not to allow cross-infection in isolation areas. At the same time, encourage and provide maximum support to enterprises to maintain production and business activities in the area according to the principle that production must ensure safety, and that safety is prerequisite for production. It is strictly forbidden to promulgate inappropriate or improperly regulations that could obstruct traffic, domestic goods circulation and import and export.

The Vietnam Social Insurance shall accelerate the processing of applications and implementation of policies to support employees and employers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to the right people. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall take the initiative in properly preparing external activities; continue to effectively promote “vaccine diplomacy”.

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No. 107/NQ-CP

Independence - Freedom - Happiness

Hanoi, September 11, 2021



On the Government’s regular meeting in August 2021



Pursuant to the Law on Organization of the Government dated June 19, 2015; the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on Organization of the Government and the Law on Organization of Local Governments dated November 22, 2019;

Pursuant to the Government’s Decree No. 138/2016/ND-CP dated October 01, 2016 promulgating the working regulation of the Government;

Based on the discussion of the delegates and the conclusion of the Prime Minister at the Government’s regular meeting in August 2021, held on September 06, 2021,




I. The socio-economic situation in August and the first 8 months of 2021

The Government unanimously assessed that: In August, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to evolve complicatedly, especially in Ho Chi Minh City and some southern localities. Responding to the call of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and implementing conclusions of key leaders in Notice No. 10-TB/KL dated August 24, 2021, the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control was quickly reinforced. The Government and the Prime Minister strongly directed, closely followed the practical context, strongly promoted the role of forces and effectively mobilized forces and resources to contribute to preventing and repelling the pandemic and making efforts to take care of the people's life and promote socio-economic development.

Thanks to the efforts, solidarity, and the high determination of the entire Party, the people, and armed forces, the pandemic prevention and control were effectively promoted. The situation in pandemic hotspots was gradually being controlled. The socio-economic situation in the first eight months of 2021 continued to achieve positive results despite various difficulties and challenges. In general, the macro-economic conditions were stable, inflation was kept under control, major balances of the economy continued to be secured. Credit growth in the first 8 months of the year increased by 7.42% compared to the end of 2020. Lending interest rates continued to decrease. The State budget revenues in 8 months reached 74.8% of the estimate, up 14.3% over the same period. Production of agriculture, forestry and fishery was relatively stable; food security was guaranteed. Many localities achieved high industrial growth associated with good disease control. Total export and import turnover reached nearly 429 billion USD, up 27.2%. Newly registered foreign direct investment (FDI) capital in 8 months increased by 16.3%; realized capital reached US$11.6 billion, up 2% over the same period. Technology services, online services, and e-commerce recorded vigorous development. Institutional and regulatory review and improvement continued to be promoted to decisively remove difficulties and obstacles for people and businesses. Activities to celebrate the August Revolution (August 19) and National Day (September 2) were held in a solemn, meaningful, and safe manner. Opening ceremonies for new school year 2021 - 2022 were organized in various forms in adaptation to the pandemic situation. Social security and people's lives were paid special attention, especially in areas where social distancing was implemented and needed to be strengthened to ensure people's safety, social security, order and safety. National defence and security were maintained. External relations activities were implemented proactively drastically, and effectively, especially the vaccine diplomacy at all levels, by the Party and the State leaders. Important external events were held successfully, contributing to enhancing the prestige and position of the country.

The Government commended and highly valued the efforts of the frontline forces, such as healthcare, armed forces, police, volunteers, media, etc.; the leadership, direction and organization of implementation of the Party committees and authorities at all levels; the involvement of the whole political system, particularly the spirit of solidarity, joint effort, and consensus; the active and effective participation of all classes of society and the business community in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring social security, and maintaining production, business and socio-economic activities.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic with a new virus strain, which spread quickly, complicatedly and lasted a long time, did seriously affect the health and life of the people, and delayed many socio-economic activities in some localities. Industrial production and many service industries in major centers in the South decreased sharply. Agriculture faced difficulties in production, harvesting and consumption. The circulation of goods was interrupted at times and in some places, and the domestic purchasing power tended to decrease. Disbursement of public investment capital did not meet the requirements, especially disbursement of ODA and foreign concessional loans was low. Potential risks associated with bad debts in the bank system rose due to the negative impact of the pandemic. Trade deficit continued to take place. The number of newly registered enterprises decreased. Jobs, livelihoods, and living standards of people, especially the labor force, faced many difficulties in localities where social distancing measures were enforced. Strengthening social distancing was also challenging. Organization of implementation remained weak. A number of ministries, branches, and localities, especially those at the grassroots, lacked in creativity and flexibility, did not yet meet requirements of practical situation. They did not actively take advantage of opportunities for digital transformation. Data connection between agencies was not timely enough, remained incomplete and causing difficulties for users...

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