Inter-sectoral Guidance 21306/HDLN-YT-GDDT Hanoi 2021 on plans when detecting suspected cases, F0, F1 and F2 cases

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Inter-sectoral Guidance No. 21306/HDLN-YT-GDDT dated December 03, 2021 of the Department of Health and Department of Education and Training of Hanoi on the COVID-19 prevention and control plans when detecting COVID-19 confirmed cases (F0), COVID-19 suspected cases, contacts of confirmed cases (F1), contacts of F1 cases (F2)
Issuing bodies: Effective date: Known
Official number: 21306/HDLN-YT-GDDT Signer: Pham Xuan Tien; Vu Cao Cuong
Legislation Type: Instruction Expired date: Known
Issuing date: 03/12/2021 Effect: Known
Fields: Education - Training - Vocational training , Medical - Health