Striving to reduce fatal occupational accidents at least 4% per year

On March 19, 2024, the Secretariat of CPV Central Committee on continuing to strengthen the Party's leadership for occupational safety and hygiene in new situations.

A number of important contents is prescribed as follows:

Striving to reduce occupational accidents, particularly serious occupational accidents with the rate of fatal occupational accidents reduced by at least 4% per year. The number of workers working in environments exposed to risk factors being examined and detected for occupational diseases increases by at least 5% per year; and the number of facilities generating hazardous factors that are monitored for working environment increases by at least 5% per year.

Innovating and diversifying information dissemination methods suitable for different worker groups, with attention paid to industries and fields with high risks. Improving the effectiveness of safety and hygiene events, attracting participation from enterprises and workers in the Month of Action on Occupational Safety and Hygiene and Workers' Month on an annual basis.

reduce fatal occupational accidents
Striving to reduce fatal occupational accidents at least 4% per year (Illustration)

Paying attention to occupational safety and hygiene for groups of female workers, minors, people with disabilities, the elderly, domestic workers, apprentices, apprentices, probationers and subleased workers, and Vietnamese guest workers. Strictly managing occupational safety and hygiene training services; monitoring the working environment; providing periodic health checks, examinations and detection of occupational diseases; inspecting machines, equipment, and materials with strict requirements on occupational safety.

The Directive takes effect on the signing date.
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