New strategy aims to expand social insurance coverage

By 2030, Vietnam will have 60 percent of the working-age population covered by social insurance, in which farmers and the informal sector’s workers covered by voluntary social insurance will account for some 5 percent.

Such is one of the targets set forth under the Strategy for social insurance development approved by the Prime Minister under Decision 38/QD-TTg dated January 11.

Accordingly, there will be 45 percent of the working-age population covered by unemployment insurance, around 60 percent of retired people receiving pensions, monthly social insurance and retirement benefits, and over 97 percent of the entire population covered by health insurance.

Besides, the rate of people and businesses satisfied with administrative procedure settlement is expected to reach 95 percent and the index reflecting the satisfaction rate of social insurance participants will reach 90 percent.

New strategy aims to expand social insurance coverage
New strategy aims to expand social insurance coverage (Illustration)

It is also targeted to have 75 percent of the population receiving social insurance and unemployment insurance benefits by cashless payment modes in urban areas.

Another target set by the Strategy is to continue promoting digital transformation, researching and developing the information technology system of Vietnam’s social security sector to meet the requirements on integration, interconnectivity, linkage and centralized processing of dossiers.

To that end, it is necessary to develop the National Insurance Database; and interconnect and share data of the National Insurance Database with the National Population Database and other national and specialized databases to facilitate the provision of public services, creating favorable conditions for the people and employers, and big data-based inspection and control activities.

Meanwhile, all information systems of the Vietnam Social Security that are related to the people, organizations and businesses will be restructured with application of modern technologies for putting into operation, and interconnected via datasharing platforms; and all the insured’s dossiers (except those classified as state secrets) will be processed in the cyber environment.

To achieve the set targets, the Strategy sets out major tasks and solutions, including reforming administrative procedures, renovating the implementation of the single-window mechanism and interdisciplinary single-window mechanism in settling administrative procedures; and improving the sense of responsibility, and service attitude of civil servants, public employees and workers of the social insurance sector.

Also, social insurance-related administrative procedures will be further revised and simplified, with unnecessary dossier components removed and forms and declarations with similar information reduced

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