National Strategy for people’s health protection approved

The Prime Minister has recently approved the National Strategy for protection, care and improvement of the people’s health through 2030, with a vision toward 2045, setting the target that all citizens will have access to quality healthcare services.

Under Decision 89/QD-TTg, the prime objective of the Strategy is to ensure the entire population is living in safe communities and being able to well develop both physically and mentally to enjoy improved living standards and provide quality human resources for national construction and defense.

The Strategy’s specific targets are to intensify the prevention and control of diseases, particularly emerging infectious diseases; ensure health security and prompt response to climate change and public health emergencies; and gradually control disease risk factors, and improve the capacity to manage the medical environment, non-infectious diseases, occupational diseases and accidents.

National Strategy for people’s health protection approved
National Strategy for people’s health protection approved (Illustration)

At the same time, the quality and efficiency of the health service provision network from central to grassroots levels will be improved to respond to changing disease patterns and requirements of  international integration and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The primary health care system will be strengthened to narrow the gap in morbidity and mortality rates among regions and ethnic groups.

Meanwhile, medical human resources will be developed in terms of quantity, quality and structure, particularly those trained to provide healthcare services at the grassroots level and in rural, ethnic minority, mountainous and border areas and on islands. The Strategy also aims for a reasonable structure of medical doctors and nurses, thereby ensuring the balance between training and employment of medical personnel.

In addition, greater attention will be paid to the application of high technologies to the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and research and development of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

It is also necessary to ensure the availability of quality drugs, vaccines, biological products, medical supplies and equipment at reasonable prices, thus meeting the people’s disease prevention and treatment needs, with priority given to the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, medicinal materials and medical equipment.

By 2045, it is targeted that the healthcare system will be improved with the quality of medical services on a par with advanced regional countries, with a view to meeting the ever-growing and diverse needs of the people and achieving the universal healthcare coverage.


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