Management of subjects of traceability of products and goods

On March 28, 2024, the Ministry of Science and Technology issues Circular No. 02/2024/TT-BKHDT on the management of product origin tracing.

The Circular prescribes that a product origin tracing system shall ensure 04 the following principles:

-“One step forward - one step back”: Assurance of the capacity for supervising and identifying previous and following production and trading stages during the production and trading processes of a product;

- “Master data element availability”: Master data elements shall be collected, retained, and updated promptly in reports on detailed information on important events in the production process and the supply chain;

- “Transparency”: the origin tracing system shall meet the requirements for mandatory transparency equivalent to the use of static data on clients, suppliers, products, and production conditions;

- “Adequate participation of origin tracing parties”: The origin tracing system shall have the adequate participation of origin tracing parties of the organization.

traceability of products and goods
Management of subjects of traceability of products and goods (Illustration)

Additionally, organizations and individuals in the traceability system of products and goods must fully ensure the traceability process following the provisions of national standards, national technical regulations, international standards, and regional standards corresponding to the type of products and goods and in conformity with the relevant standards and technical regulations. The basis for the appropriate announcement on the internal assessment results of organizations or individuals or certification results of the organizations which are appointed by law provisions.

Besides, traceability data of each product in the product origin tracing system shall include the following mandatory information:

- Name

- Images

- Name of the unit of production and trading;

- Address of the unit of production and trading;

- Production and trading stages (including the following mandatory information: product tracing codes, location tracking codes, and time of origin tracing of each stage);

This Circular takes effect on June 01, 2024.
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