Imposing anti-dumping duties on imported welding materials

The Ministry of Industry and Trade issues the Decision No. 1624/QD-BCT on the application of anti-dumping tax on a number of welding materials originating from Malaysia, Thailand and the People’s Republic of China.

Accordingly, officially apply the anti-dumping duties from 0% to 36.56% for Malaysia, Thailand, and the People's Republic of China.

The commodities applicable to anti-dumping duties include:

- Drug-covered 308 stainless steel welding sticks under the HS Code:  8311.10.90, 8311.30.99, 8311.90.00

- Non-cored solid steel welding wire under the HS Code: 7217.10.10, 7217.30.19, 7217.90.10, 7229.20.00, 7229.90.20, 7229.90.99, 8311.10.10, 8311.10.90, 8311.10.90, 8311.30.91, 8311.30.99, 8311.90.00.

Anti-dumping duties on imported welding materials
Imposing anti-dumping duties on imported welding materials (Illustration)

The application period for anti-dumping duties is 5 years from August 20, 2022.

In order to have the base for defining the origin of imported commodities that are subjected to the anti-dumping duties, the customs authority shall check the documents such as: The certificate of Origin (C/O) or the Certificates of self-certification of commodity origin under the Agreements: CPTPP, RCEP, FTA.
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