From October 16, 2023: Increase 20% of fees in medical sector

On August 30, 3023, the Ministry of Finance issues Circular No. 59/2023/TT-BTC on prescribing fees in the medical sector, and collection, transfer, management, and use thereof.

 A number of important contents are prescribed as follows:

Payers are organizations or individuals that receive processing/appraisal services from regulatory authorities in respect of the matters, including:

- Processing of applications for licenses/certificates for receipt/import/export of insecticidal and germicidal preparations for household and medical use

- Processing of applications for registration, import/export license, or declaration of applied standards for medical devices

- Appraisal of fulfillment of eligibility requirements for practicing and doing business in the medical sector

fees in medical sector
From October 16, 2023: Increase 20% of fees in medical sector (Illustration)

Collectors include the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, the Ministry of National Defence of Vietnam, the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, or their affiliated units that are tasked with collecting the fees Provincial Departments of Health are in charge of collecting the fees.

From October 16, 2023, increase 20% of fees in the medical sector, in particular:

- Fees for appraisal of processing of applications for new registration numbers for class-C or class-D medical devices: Increase from VND 5 million - 6 million/dossier;

- Fees for appraisal for issuance or re-issuance of operating licenses after revocation due to the reasons in Clause 1 Article 29 of the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment: Increase from VND 360,000/time to VND 430,000/time;...

This Circular takes effect on October 16, 2023.
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