Free issuance and usage of electronic identification account

This is the content prescribed in Decree No. 59/2022/ND-CP dated September 05, 2022, of the Government on electronic identification and authentication.

In accordance with Decree 53, there are 03 levels of electronic identification accounts:

- Level-1 electronic identification accounts of the individual: Personal identification number; Full name; Date of birth; Gender for a Vietnamese citizen; nationality, information of passport or international travel document for foreigners.

- Level-2 electronic identification accounts of the individual: Information in Level-1 and biometric information: portrait photo; fingerprint.

Organizations’ electronic identification accounts cover: Identification code of the organization, The name of the organization including the Vietnamese name, abbreviated name (if any), and a foreign language name (if any). Date of establishment, Address of head office. Personal identification number or identification number of a foreigner; full name of the at-law representative or head of the organization.

Usage of electronic identification account
Free issuance and usage of electronic identification account (Illustration)

In particular, in accordance with Article 31, Electronic identity owners that are Vietnamese agencies, organizations or citizens are not required to pay expenses for registration for the grant of electronic identification accounts and expenses for the use of electronic identification accounts.

Organizations and individuals using electronic authentication services shall pay expenses for organizations providing electronic authentication services in accordance with the law.

Subjects of the grant of electronic identification accounts, including:

Citizens aged 14 years or older. For Citizens who are under 14 years old or are under guardianship, the registration shall be made via electronic identification accounts of their fathers, mothers or guardians.

- Agencies and organizations established or registered to operate in Vietnam.

The Decree 59 takes effect on October 20, 2022.

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