Enroll no more than 10% of Kinh students

On February 23, 2023, the Ministry of Education and Training issues Circular No. 04/2023/TT-BGDDT on issuing the regulation on the organization and operation of boarding ethnic secondary schools.

Accordingly, the system of boarding ethnic secondary schools includes:

  • Lower-secondary boarding ethnic schools;
  • Upper-secondary boarding ethnic schools;
  • Lower-secondary and upper-secondary boarding ethnic schools.

Eligible candidates for enrollment are students being ethnic minorities who and their parents or guardians permanently reside for 36 consecutive months or more, up to the date of submission of enrollment documents, in communes, wards, townships of Region III and extremely disadvantaged villages in ethnic minority areas and mountainous areas, extremely disadvantaged communes in coastal areas and islands according to regulations of competent authorities (hereinafter referred to as extremely disadvantaged communes and villages);

Enroll no more than 10% of Kinh students
Enroll no more than 10% of Kinh students (Illustration)

Besides, students from ethnic minorities with a very small population as defined in Decree No. 57/2017/ND-CP dated May 9, 2017, of the Government, stipulating priority policies for enrollment and learning support for kindergarten children, students from ethnic minorities with very small population. The boarding ethnic school is allowed to enroll no more than 10% of Kinh students in the total number of new enrollments each year.

 Besides, direct admission to the upper-secondary boarding ethnic school of the following:

  • Students from ethnic minorities with a very small population;
  • Lower secondary students who have won national or international prizes in culture, art, physical training, sports, science, and technology (are admitted directly into the upper-secondary boarding ethnic school);
  • Primary students who have won provincial prizes or higher in culture, arts, physical training, and sports (may be admitted directly to the lower-secondary boarding ethnic school).

This Circular takes effect on April 10, 2023.

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