By 30% on reduction of land rental for 2023

On October 03, 2023, the Prime Minister hereby promulgates the Decision on reduction of land rental for 2023.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister decides to reduce payable (receivable) land rental by 30% for 2023 for land lessees such as organizations, units, enterprises, households and individuals directly leasing land from the State with annual land rental payments.

This regulation applies to land lessees ineligible for land rental exemption or reduction, land lessees whose land rental exemption or reduction period expires, and land lessees eligible for land rental reduction and other relevant laws.

By 30% on reduction of land rental for 2023
By 30% on reduction of land rental for 2023 (Illustration)

Land rental reduction levels shall be calculated based on payable (receivable) land rental amounts for 2023 as specified by law.

In case a land surface lessee is entitled to the prescribed land rental reduction, and/or the reduction of expenses for compensation and ground clearance, a 30% reduction of land rental or water surface rental shall be calculated based on the land rental amount he/she/it has to pay (if any) after being eligible for the prescribed current land rental reduction and/or compensation and ground clearance deduction.

Not to reduce land rentals based on the remaining land rental amounts of the years preceding 2023 and late-payment interests (if any).

The Decision No. 25/2023/QD-TT takes effect on November 20, 2023.
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