5 steps of a normal contractor appointment

On August 08, 2022, the Ministry of Planning and Investment issues the Official Dispatch No. 5520/BKHDT-QLDT guiding the specialized mechanism on contractor appointment under the Resolutions of the National Assembly.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Planning and Investment supplies the guidelines on 05 steps of normal contractor appointment under the regulations at Article 55, Decree No. 63/2014/ND-CP as follows:

Step 1. Preparation for contractor selection:

- The bid solicitor makes a dossier of requirements:

- Appraisal and approval of dossiers of requirements (at the maximum time of 20 days)

- Investors approve the required dossier (at the maximum time of 10 days).

Steps of a normal contractor appointment
5 steps of a normal contractor appointment (Illustration)

Step 2. Organization of contractor selection

- Dossiers of requirements shall be distributed to the identified contractors;

- Contractors shall prepare and submit dossiers of proposals (at the maximum time of 5 days)

Step 3. Evaluation of dossiers of proposals and negotiation of contractors’ proposals:

- The evaluation of dossiers of proposals shall be conducted (at the maximum time of 30 days))

- The bid solicitor shall invite contractors to negotiate,

Step 4. The submission, appraisal, approval, and publicization of the contractor selection

Step 5. Finalization and signing of contracts:

A contract concluded between related parties must conform to the decision approving the contractor appointment result, contract negotiation record, a dossier of proposals, a dossier of requirements, and other relevant documents

The Ministry of Planning and Investment points out clearly that this procedure of contractor appointment must be finished before December 31, 2023.


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