05 “warning signs” of post Covid-19

On May 18, 2022, the Ministry of Health issues the Decision No. 1242/QD-BYT on guidelines on post-Covid-19 rehabilitation and self-management of related illnesses.

In accordance with the Guidelines, medical complications may occur during post-COVID-19 recovery and require emergency medical care.  You must immediately contact a health worker for emergency aid:

- You have difficulty breathing when performing light activities and the condition does not improve with positions.

05 warning signs of post-Covid-19
05 “warning signs” of post-Covid-19 (Illustration)

- You feel changes to breathing difficulty when at rest but not better with techniques and positions.

- You feel chest pain, fast heart rate, or dizziness in some positions or throughout the exercise or physical activities, or

- Confusion worsens or you have difficulty talking or understanding speech; or

- You feel changes to feeling and motion on your face or limb(s), especially when unilateral symptoms and/or anxiety or mood worsens, or you are having self-harm thoughts.
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