Circular 14/2021/TT-NHNN amending Circular 01/2020/TT-NHNN on debt rescheduling for clients affected by Covid

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Circular No. 14/2021/TT-NHNN dated September 07, 2021 of the State Bank of Vietnam amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Circular No. 01/2020/TT-NHNN dated March 13, 2020 of the State Bank Governor of Vietnam on credit institutions and foreign bank branches carrying out debt rescheduling, giving exemption from or reduction of loan interests and charges, and maintaining classified loan groups in order to help their clients affected by the Covid-19 pandemic
Issuing bodies: State Bank of Vietnam Effective date: Known
Official number: 14/2021/TT-NHNN Signer: Doan Thai Son
Legislation Type: Circular Expired date: Updating
Issuing date: 07/09/2021 Effect: Known
Fields: Finance - Banking , Policy