Lan Vu

Lan Vu

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- Professional qualification:

Graduated from the Department of Economic Law, Hanoi Law University (2008-2012 course)
Graduated from Content Marketing course, Vinalink Academy (3C-K5 Course)

- Experiences:

+ From 2012 - 2013:

 Collaborators for the project Legitimate Typification of Legal Norms System

+ From 2014 - 2018: Editor of legal normative documents
+ From 2019  to this moment:

In charge of news and contents of LuatVietnam, coordinator and check the contents in the website

- Specialized categories:

Ms. Lan Vu is the editor in the categories of LuatVietnam, such as: Administrative; Insurance; Cadre and public servants; labor – salary...These articles always ensure the useful information on new legal policies for readers. 


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