Circular 90/2019/TT-BTC amending Circular 261/2016/TT-BTC and Circular 17/2017/TT-BTC

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Circular No. 90/2019/TT-BTC dated December 31, 2019 of the Ministry of Finance on amending and supplementing some Articles of the Circular No. 261/2016/TT-BTC dated November 14, 2016 of the Minister of Finance providing for maritime fees, charges and schedule of collection rates of maritime fees and charges and the Circular No. 17/2017/TT-BTC dated February 28, 2017 of the Minister of Finance guiding the collection, transfer, management and use of maritime charges and fees
Issuing bodies: Ministry of Finance Effective date: Known
Official number: 90/2019/TT-BTC Signer: Vu Thi Mai
Legislation Type: Circular Expired date: Updating
Issuing date: 31/12/2019 Effect: Known
Fields: Navigation , Tax - Fee - Charge